Seniors with Purpose Day in the Park - CANCELLED

For several days we have been considering cancelling our Seniors With Purpose “Day In The Park”, scheduled for Saturday, April 4th at Palmetto State Park. Today, we have chosen to do that! Seniors are by far the most “at risk” age demographic to the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Wisdom concludes caution and prudent behavior for our South Texas Assemblies of God Ministries and our individual churches! 

As Christians we have so much to rely on and must display a deep trust in our God, His care for us and what Christ has provided through His atonement.  His love is amazing and equips us to live without fear. This is also a time where we must live out our trust in our God. It is not fear, but prudence that moves us to this decision. We join other STXAG departments who have likewise cancelled events. 

We will reschedule this event when we see the current issue is under control. Brother Barker has written a statement that is so well done.  If you have not read it, it gives us a very wise path forward. It is attached to this email.

As much as we were looking forward to this event, we will just take it as directional, re-schedule, and keep moving “Forward”.

We love our Seniors and look forward to great times together!

“No coasting to the Finish Line!”

Wayne and Judy Clark
Seniors With Purpose
South Texas Assemblies of God Ministries

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Questions, reply to this email or, Text or call 210-326-8130 (mine) or 210-273-7268 (Judy’s)


Wayne & Judy Clark

South Texas Seniors With Purpose Directors

Pastor R. Wayne Clark  has served in ministry since 1968.  He met his wife, Judy, at Southwestern Assembly of God College, now University, in the Fall of 1970. They were married on July 9, 1971.  The Clarks have four children, Stacy, Donice, Rob and Cory.  They have 16 Grandchildren and one Great Grandson. They love being with their family as often as possible.  They have pastored churches in Ohio, Vermont, California and San Antonio, Texas.

Wayne and Judy served as Pastor of First A/G, San Antonio from March 1996 through December 31 2017. They are excited and honored to serve as the first South Texas District Seniors Ministry Director  for people 55 and over.

The ministry, Seniors With Purpose (SWP) will challenge our District Seniors to remain engaged, loyal and faithful to their local churches, as well as provide ministry and fellowship opportunities on Sectional, Regional and District levels.  There will be a Missions element as we capture our demographic potential.

The yearly Senior Summit will remain the central SWP event. Also look for at least one major fun trip each year.  The first is a Cruise, November 30- December 5, 2019.

SWP has a motto- “No coasting to the finish line”.  Seniors are one of the most valuable, and sometimes under-utilized resources the church has.  We want to be engaged in God’s wonderful Kingdom and be useful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

his ministry is in the development stage, but the vision is big, full of spiritual purpose, relationally fulfilling and filled with fun times!  The development of the Leadership Team is critical.  This is not just ministry to Seniors! This is ministry by Seniors! 

We are excited about the vision and we are anxious for it to all unfold. Gonna be a fund ride! Hope you jump on board and come with us!